While thinking about a new subject to write about in a next post, I started to wonder: do you guys actually have a clue about who I am?

Since I considered the answer to be “no”, I decided to dedicate a blog to… you guessed it… me, myself and I!

I didn’t want to make it boring, so I put it in the form of 15 small, interesting bits about my life.

Here you go!

  1. I turned 18 years old some time ago and now that I’m lawfully an adult, I thought I might try a bit of alcohol – just because I can – but I found out almost immediately, after one or two sips of particularly sweet wine, that I absolutely do not like alcohol – at all. But maybe I just haven’t found the right kind of drink yet or maybe I just have to get used to the flavour. By the way, I don’t like coffee either. Well, I don’t really mind, actually – I’ll just stick to drinking tea and hot chocolate, thank you very much.
  2. I’m left handed. I don’t know if this information will really contribute to you getting to know me better, but I tell you anyhow. I’m also very clumsy, and after writing something you find the whole side of my left hand covered in ink.
  3. I’m aiming to become a novelist, but I very rarely finish a story, because I’m never quite satisfied with the set-up of it – resulting in me starting again and again with writing the same book and always ending up in complete chaos, because of my own perfectionism.
  4. Yeah, that’s right: I’m a perfectionist – a big one. While this may have a lot of advantages like being able to work hard and long without getting disturbed, it also has a great deal of disadvantages: I always tend to pick up a lot of projects which sound great in the beginning, but end up in nothing, because I’m not happy with the outcome.
  5. I must admit that, even while knowing the saying, I do judge books by their covers (but I like to think that a lot of other readers do too, although they won’t all admit it). If a book cover doesn’t speak to me, I will very likely not pick it up. I’m even inclined to pay more money for a book that has a beautiful cover instead of a cheaper book that has a dull cover. I know, I know that it’s the content of a book that matters, but I just want the book to fit on my bookshelves – I want a cover to be proud of. How superficial of me.
  6. I’m a Christian and I believe that Jesus died for my sins.
  7. I love chocolate, especially white chocolate. When I was at the Waterstone’s in Edinburgh this summer, I drank hot white chocolate and now I’m in love with that too! 😀
  8. When I’m in a group of people I don’t know too well, I can come over as a shy and introverted person, but when in the company of good friends and family, I suddenly change into a chatterbox with lots of stories to tell and topics to discuss.
  9. I love traveling through Scandinavia and I’ve been to this beautiful part of the world a lot of times. The scenery is wonderful, the people are very friendly and the language is amazing – I mean, what else can you wish for? I’ve already seen the Westkapp and the Nordkapp, a lot of reindeer and some moose, but never ever have I seen the northern lights, because we never come to Scandinavia in the right season (only during winter do you have a chance of seeing this special phenomenom in the sky).
  10. Music is, next to writing and reading, my big passion! I love singing, playing guitar and writing songs.
  11. I’m a big fan of folk/indie-like music. My favorite artists are Gabrielle Aplin, London Grammar and Maria Mena (but my taste changes all the time :P).My favorites include The Fog by Rachel Sermanni and Black & White by The Staves.
  12. I’m not a very fast reader. I have a (GoodReads) reading challenge of 30 books this year and sometimes I see people doing challenges of 100 or more books, I get really confused: how can somebody read that many books in one single year? Don’t get me wrong, I adore reading, but I have a lot of other hobbies and activities that I enjoy doing, so I don’t always have time to read. Furthermore, I’m not much of a binge reader, I like to take my time when reading a book.
  13. My favorite color is a dark bluish mint green (yeah, I like to be that specific). You know, it’s that color which everybody argues about, because some people say it’s blue and some say it’s green (I actually haven’t decided yet what I think it is). I love that color.
  14. My favorite movie must be Intouchables, a beautiful French movie about an extraordinary relationship between a disabled aristocrat and a young man from the banlieue of Paris.
  15. I have a hate/love relationship with Summer and the more I hate it when the weather gets too hot, the more I miss it when the heat waves are suddenly gone and the cold of Autumn takes their place.