15 Facts About Me

While thinking about a new subject to write about in a next post, I started to wonder: do you guys actually have a clue about who I am?

Since I considered the answer to be “no”, I decided to dedicate a blog to… you guessed it… me, myself and I!

I didn’t want to make it boring, so I put it in the form of 15 small, interesting bits about my life.

Here you go!

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5 Misconceptions About Writing 

As a writer, I’ve always thought that there were certain rules that writers had to deal with if they wanted their books to end up in book stores.

Stupid, logical stuff, like: start the book at the beginning, make sure there are no spelling mistakes, etcetera.

But lately, I’ve been reading books that ignore all these unwritten rules and make the rules up themselves. However, they still succeed in reaching a broad audience and even in being popular.

I’ve decided to come up with five conceptions about writing that authors tend to keep in mind, but are, on second thought, not that solid after all…

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Since I had my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I’ve gotten a lot of new books to read during this summer.

These books aren’t just any books, they’re mostly historical fiction (and some non-fiction). Why? Because I love history and next year I am going to study this intriguing subject at university! (Yay!)

I can tell you all about my enthusiasm concerning my study, but for now, let’s focus on the books I’ve received as a gift from my very lovely family and friends.


How To Solve Writer’s Block

Every writer has got to deal with it at a certain point: writer’s block.
Although I haven’t found a definite cure for it, I did find a few methods which might help you get a better overview of your story or look at your story from a different angle.

Most of these methods helped me to understand my protagonist and the story line better, making it easier to come up with new dialogues between my characters and creating a deeper sense of what my story is about.

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2016: a 1984 parody

War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength

People who know their classics must have already recognised this infamous quote, out of George Orwell’s 1984.


The dystopian novel depicts life as Orwell thought it would (or could) be in the 84’s. Given that he wrote this book in 1949 and he had no clue whatsoever how western society would develop throughout the ages, you could dismiss this book as an interesting, but unreliable account, highly influenced by the reign of terror which marked not only Orwell’s life, but the whole nineteenth century. And of course, you could say that nazism and communism are no longer present in western countries like ours and that, therefore, the book is of no use for modern days.

So why would I start this new blog with an old book quote like that?

Apart from the fact that I absolutely loved reading 1984 (as you might have already read in my previous posts), I actually do think we can learn something of it.
What fascinated me the most about 1984 is the fact that Orwell managed to create a novel that was so far ahead of its time. The issues he described in his book are still of great significance now. Not really convinced? I’ll show you.

How? By making a 1984 parody, titled – how could it be otherwise – “2016”.

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New Year’s Resolutions – Book Tag


I was tagged to do the New Year’s Resolutions Book Tag by Ari @ The Day Dreaming Bookworm. Thank you so much! ❤ I absolutely love your blog

So… let’s start!

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Music Lyrics To Muse On

Lately I came across the quote “the world’s most famous and popular language is music”. Sure enough, it was a quote of PSY (whose real name is actually Park Jae-sang), who caught a grand hit in 2012 with his catchy Gangnam Style. 
3 years later, we still recognise his name, but we wouldn’t be able to mention more than two songs performed by him: Gangnam Style and the song Gentleman which came out a year after his big succes and got 800.000.000 views (way less views than the he got for his first hit).
Still, his words have some truth in it. Even though PSY lives in South-Korea his music was spread throughout the whole world, no matter the fact that most people didn’t even know what the lyrics stood for. In this case, music is about the feeling it gives you, not about what the words exactly mean.

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Liebster Award


Just a few days ago, I got nominated for the Liebster Award. After being ultimately happy and smiling like crazy for a few minutes, I started freaking out a bit: what exactly is the Liebster Award and what does it mean for my blog?

After doing some research, I guess I figured it out now. The Liebster Award (which can actually be translated as the “loveliest” or the “sweetest” award) is a form of acknowledgement for “new” bloggers.

I consider myself quite new to this whole blogging world, but I can already be grateful for all likes, comments and, of course, the nomination I have received: thank you so much Kelly Jane Mills!

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